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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the DracoDrum different to other Drum Filters in the market?

The DracoDrum has been designed to replace the traditional ‘In filter’ mechanical stage, not as a standalone unit. This means there is zero additional footprint required within your filter house and no plumbing degree to add it to your system

Can DracoDrum be used as a stand alone?

Yes it can be. You will need a suitably sized and robust container in which to place it along with an adaptor plate and of course you will need to add inlet and outlet pipes that suit your set-up.

Because of the requests for a standalone unit, we will be producing this with availability late spring 2016.

Do you supply complete filter systems?

No we don't, however there may be some manufacturers who could conceivably utilise a DracoDrum in a future design. If it happens, these will be listed on our Dealer page and will be posted on our news section as well.

What are the flow Rates for the DracoDrum?

The recommended flow rate for the DracoDrum is 16m3 per hour, or 3,700 gallons per hour.

What Filters will DracoDrum fit into?

Nexus 300/310/320
Pre 2015 Eric 2.5/3/4
Vortex sized 30” and above with a single inlet
Or any other type of filter that is large enough to physically take the unit.
NB - due to the large amount of interest expressed by owners of filters that have a smaller dimension than the above we will be working on a modified version of DracoDrum so they can also take advantage of this new concept in RDF technology

What Warranty is there?

There is the usual 12 month warranty covering manufacturing defects. This does not include the screen.

Where can I see a DracoDrum working / buy a DracoDrum?

If you would like to see in person - Please see our Dealer page
Alternatively, please click here to see videos on Youtube.

What Backup is there?

All of the dealers who sell DracoDrum have been fully trained in all aspects of DracoDrum and have our direct support if they require it. You have your relationship with your local dealers and don't have to deal with a faceless person on the phone. We have found that this type of model works best for everyone.

What if something should break or needs to be fixed?

All of the dealerships we work with have been fully trained in being able to diagnose any issues that may be encountered. All parts on a DracoDrum are modular and can be sourced via your dealer and very easily replaced on your drum.

Why are there different adapter plates?

Different filters need to have different adapter plates to ensure a good water tight seal between the clean and dirty sides. The adapter plates have been designed so that they all can be attached exactly the same way to the drum unit which fits with our philosophy of ensuring everything about this drum is modular and changeable. One of the main bonuses of doing this is if you change your filter you do not need to purchase a different drum you can simply attach a different adapter plate.

Is the controller included with the drum?

Yes it certainly is and includes a generous 4 metres of cable for both the umbilical to the drum and the power point. We also include a cable tie so that if you do not need the full length you can keep the excess tidy and out of the way. If you need longer cabling, you can request that through your dealer.

How is the Drum so cheap in comparison to others on the market?

We cannot comment on the manufacturer costs for other drum suppliers but in our case one of the key points we started out with was to keep the purchase price at a point that was within reach of the average koi keeper without compromising on quality. We have negotiated hard with our UK suppliers so that raw goods could be purchased at the best possible price, designed and manufactured our own controllers including circuit boards and removed from the drum things that would add additional costs that are excessive as opposed to necessary.

Be reassured nowhere within the design or components of this drum have we cut any corners on quality to save on money.

What if I don't have suitable water pressure?

After a few installations where this was the case, DracoDrum now offer an additional pressure pump option for such situations. However to be cost effective across a multiple drums, we recommend an external pump and accumulator setup. This can either be supplied by us, or the dealer/customer. This is a tried and trusted system that has been used for many years on boats, caravans and off grid housing and is completely independent of the drums themselves and can either be plumbed into the clean pond water or you mains water supply.

If you have a question or query relating to the DracoDrum system or would like some general advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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